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Tantastic Linked Up Shine Bikini

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Tantastic Linked Up Shine Bikini

 Say Goodbye to Tan Lines

Say goodbye to awkward tan lines and hello to seamless, sun-kissed skin that's ready to turn heads wherever you go.

"I love how lightweight and comfortable this bikini feels, plus this is a genius idea! I really love the texture, but the curve of the bikini. It was out of my surprisingly fitting!" - Clara Johnson

"Finally, a bikini that lets me soak up the sun without worrying about tan lines - absolute game-changer!"-Mia W.

Key Feature:

Say hello to flawless, sun-kissed skin.

Tantastic Linked Up Shine Bikini is designed to let sunlight in, giving you an even and natural tan without having to take off your swimsuit. Our fabric contains millions of tiny square and diamond-shaped holes that allow the sun's rays to pass through, creating a magical and transparent effect. We have specially designed prints to counter any transparency, making you feel confident and carefree while basking in the sun.

Extremely Breathable

Tantastic Linked Up Shine Bikini not only allows the sun to pass through, but also the air too. Our fabric allows your skin to breathe and the breeze to keep you cool, making for an incredibly comfortable style, all day long.

Super Light-weight

Experience ultimate comfort and weightlessness with our swimwear, as the fabric has been designed to reduce weight and create a second skin feel. You can easily pack more and stay comfortable all day long, thanks to the removal of fabric and tiny apertures.


Our fabric now has triple the number of microscopic holes, making it much more efficient at drying quickly after getting wet. This means less water retention and a more convenient swimwear experience.


How does the Tantastic Linked Up Shine Bikini?

Our bikini features a specially designed fabric that allows sunlight to penetrate, enabling you to tan through the swimsuit without leaving tan lines.

Can I wear sunscreen with the Tantastic Linked Up Shine Bikini?

Yes, we recommend applying sunscreen underneath the bikini to ensure adequate protection for your skin, especially in areas not covered by the swimsuit fabric.

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