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Liacsy™ SpotsBright Correcting Cream

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Liacsy™ SpotsBright Correcting Cream

 Before we start, let's see our happy customers:

Liacsy™ SpotsBright Correcting Cream removes annoying skin spots and birthmarks painlessly and permanently! It provides you with long-lasting results. And it's easy to use!

 "I have a skin tag on my face that has been bothering me for years. I tried everything from creams to needle, but nothing worked. Then my husband brought home a LIASCY SpotsBright Correcting Cream and told me to try it. I used it for 4 weeks and the skin tag fell off! No pain, no fuss. I was really impressed and thanks to LIASCY!"

Helen R. Jackson
New York, United States

 "I have skin tags near my nose for 2 years. It's BIG and annoying, but they don't hurt or bother me too much- but I have to apply concealer everyday.

That's why I was so excited to find out about LIASCY, a new patch treatment that permanently removes skin tags without any pain or discomfort. After 4 weeks of using this cream, my skin tags were gone! And all this time later, they still haven't come back. I'm so thrilled with how well it worked for me, and I'm confident that it will work just as well for you too!"

Shauna M. Fisher
Ealing, United Kingdom

What Are Skin Tags?

 Skin tags are soft, noncancerous growths that usually form within the skin folds of the neck, armpits, breasts, groin area, and eyelids. These growths are loose collagen fibers that become lodged inside thicker areas of the skin. These skin lesions are usually harmless, but they can be painful when snagged by jewelry or clothing. Not to mention, they're also unsightly. And if they get infected, it can cause serious problems. So, it's best to get rid of them.

The Liacsy™ SpotsBright Correcting Cream is effectively designed to remove skin tags with no pain and turn the skin healthy. It is formulated with 100% organic ingredients and is ideal for dry, oily, normal, and combination skin. The unique application technique is convenient and comfortable for removing tags. 

The reviewers were pleasantly surprised and they saw the results they needed. One reviewer stated that he or she was very skeptical about purchasing these skin tag cream because they thought a patch might not help in getting rid of their tags and moles. She insulted it for 4 weeks until it was completely gone!


"I decided to look for a less expensive way to get rid of them and came across this one. I used the cream on a Sunday and apply the cream every 24 hours. Today is 3 weeks later and I was in able to RIGHT pull the wart away!!!"

Philip B. Welch
Toronto, Cananda

Thousands of satisfied customers have already discovered the transformative power of Liacsy™ SpotsBright Correcting Cream. They've seen firsthand how our cream can reduce the appearance of moles, skin tags, and dark spots, leaving them with clearer, brighter skin.



  • Thuja Extract - Remove skin tags and moles effectively
  • Tea Tree Oil - Reduce redness and inflammation

THUJA EXTRACT- Thuja Extract is one of the top remedies for skin tag, and it is prescribed where the skin is dry with brown spots. It is very sensitive to touch. Along with apply Thuja mother tincture applied externally. It specially effective for skin tags seen in groin.


TEA TREE OIL - Tea Tree Oil is another effective remedy for skin tags of dry and pedunculated type. Each patch infused with tea tree oil, which help to smooth skin effectively and reduce redness /inflammation at the same time.


 Let's see the happy result of Millie J. Gaston by using Liacsy™ SpotsBright Correcting Cream for 1 month!  

"I have been using LIASCY SpotsBright cream for 1 month now, and the skin tags and warts I had on my face is gone! I am so happy with it. It was really easy to use, just apply to the area where you want the skin tag removed, and leave it overnight. I noticed results after about 7 days of use, and after 28 days it was completely gone. No pain or irritation at all."

Millie J. Gaston
Cambridge, England


  • Herbal Ingredients: TeaTree Oil, Thuja, Centella Asiatica Extract, Madecassoside, Camellia Oil, and Argania Oil 


  • For all skin types
  • For the face and body
  • Economical
  • Painless
  • No scarring
  • No skin corrosion
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


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