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Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet

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Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet

Our satisfied customers can attest to the effectiveness of the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet!

"Before using the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet, I suffered from osteoarthritis in my hands and was in a lot of pain. This severely affected my ability to use my hands. Many everyday tasks, such as opening cans or holding a pen, were extremely difficult. Luckily, I tried the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet, and it really changed my life. Already after 4 weeks I noticed significant improvements. The grip strength of my hands became stronger, and the use of both hands became easier for me. This bracelet pleasantly surprised me, it normalized my life and gave me back the functionality of my hands." - John Smith, Germany

"Over the years, I have been severely affected by a severe neck cyst and have not found a comprehensive treatment! I spent a lot of money without finding a solution. In desperation, a friend recommended the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet to me. I started using it and wore it daily. Amazingly, after only two weeks, I felt a significant reduction in the size of the cyst. After six weeks of continuous use, I slowly moved away from the pain and regained my confidence in life. The Pulsera™ Bracelet has really changed my life!" -Tammy Armstrong

Farewell to Arthritis Through Tourmaline Therapy

  • Tourmaline Arthro is considered a natural method of therapy and is said to have a positive effect in the treatment of joint arthritis. Its unique energy frequency helps relieve inflammation and reduce joint discomfort, which in turn can improve joint arthritis symptoms.
  • Tourmaline Arthro has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Wearing the Tourmaline Arthro Bracelet can help relieve pain and swelling caused by joint arthritis and provides a sense of comfort and calm.
  • The Tourmaline Arthro bracelet transmits energy to warm and soothe the joint areas. This healing experience could help promote joint recovery, speed up blood circulation, and thus improve joint health.

    The dangers of arthritis:

    According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 300 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis. Less severe cases include arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. Symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling, difficulty moving, fatigue, and restriction of movement. Severe cases can lead to joint deformity, fever and severe joint pain, resulting in long-term pain and disability. In extreme cases, orthopedic diseases can even lead to life-threatening complications.

    According to statistics, rheumatoid arthritis affects about 100 million people worldwide. This condition can lead to severe pain, impaired function and reduced quality of life. Arthritis often occurs in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe, but can also occur on the hands, knees, elbows, and other places.

    The Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet can treat 98% of cases of arthritis.

    These include arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, osteoporosis, gout, foot deformity, ligament strains and strains, and tennis elbow.

    Why use Tourmaline Therapy?

    As a gemstone, tourmaline possesses a unique potential for energy balance, which aims to boost energy levels, reduce inflammation, and improve overall body function. The Pulsera™ bracelet integrates a special magnetic technology that stimulates blood circulation and increases oxygen delivery throughout the body.

    The new product contains green tourmaline with an exceptional magnetic force of 3500 gauss, which helps alleviate symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Green tourmaline exhibits the strongest magnetic force, surpassing any other magnetic product on the market.

    What is the scientific principle behind treating arthritis with tourmaline arthro?

    The high-intensity magnetism in tourmaline has a positive effect on all components of the microcirculation in the lymphatic system. The energy in the magnetic field heals by alkalizing the tissue and returning oxygen from the bound state to the molecular state. By restoring tissues to a normal, healthy state, the magnetic field controls energy regeneration, relieves inflammation, swelling, acidosis and accelerates healing.

    Its effects on the circulatory system also extend to the lymphatic system to ensure smooth operation and prevent lymphatic blockages. These benefits help eliminate toxins that cause fat buildup in the body and help you maintain joint and bone health.

    How does the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet Work?

    The energy released by Pulsera™ Bracelet enables the coordinated flow of internal and external energies in the body. By balancing the normal flow of energy, the repair and balance of cells can be promoted, which can relieve inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.

    Due to the high magnetic force in the green tourmaline, wearing the bracelet can adjust the balance of the cell charge as well as alleviate the transmission of pain signals by interfering with nerve transmission, which can alleviate pain in arthritis. At the same time, the magnetic force can improve blood circulation to increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen, which helps relieve inflammation and promote joint regeneration.

    15 minutes wear test

    What Makes the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet the Best Choice?

    • With a strong magnetic force of 3500 gauss
    • A fashionable and practical bracelet
    • Scientifically proven and tested by experts
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • Improvement of blood circulation
    • Comprehensive relief of pain symptoms
    • Purification of blood and lymph nodes
    • Promote joint repair
    • Increase in body energy and vitality
    • The bracelet is adjustable

    "After an unfortunate incident at the gym, my legs were affected, and my knees were severely swollen. I felt very uncomfortable and seemed to have lost my former mobility. It was only after 5 weeks of using the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet that I felt significant changes. My gait has become more natural, and the swelling of my knees has improved. I couldn't believe how quickly this effect occurred. I'm 57 years old now, but thanks to this amazing bracelet, I still feel vital and energized." - Simeon Stevens, Germany
    "I have been suffering from back pain for 7 years and have tried about 5 or 7 different products in the last 8 years. There were massage councils, pain ointments, and more, but this Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet is definitely the most effective I've ever used. My back has almost completely recovered, I wear it all day and its energy warms all my vertebral joints, which definitely helps to heal. This is truly a miracle product that has changed my life!" - Emma Thompson, Austria


    1. Wear the Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet gently on your wrist.
    2. The bracelet can be worn at any time and is suitable for daily use.
    3. You can wear it anytime and anywhere.

    1x - Pulsera™ Tourmaline Arthro and Bone Therapy Bracelet


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