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Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device

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Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device

Discover Your Radiating Confidence with Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device! Long for a picture-perfect nose that emits self-assurance? 

" Liascy™ completely transformed my look! My nose has never looked as straight as it does now, thanks to Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device. I'm telling you, this device is an absolute must for your skincare regimen!" - Josephine Cox from Los Angeles, CA

"I was unsure initially, yet Liascy™ convinced me. This lets me pinpoint certain sections, and the results tell the tale. My nose looks more balanced, and the skin feels blissful. This device has really surpassed my expectations." - Juana Shaw from Chicago, IL

Why Your Nose Getting Bigger?

As we age, our nasal skin thins and its bridge weakens, making the nose tip droop and look larger. Gravity takes its toll on the facial areas around the eyes, cheeks, and jowls too, causing the nose to sag. Wearing protective masks during the pandemic only adds to the pressure, possibly accelerating this weakening of nasal muscles faster than age alone would.


Introducing Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device

Aim For Your Ideal Nose!


Introducing the groundbreaking Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device, a revolutionary solution that ushers in a new era of self-confidence. This innovative device works by addressing sagging cartilage and skin at the nasal tip, helping you attain a more toned and youthful nose. It achieves this through a proprietary "Nasal Muscle" program, harnessing the power of 10 distinct frequencies to train and strengthen nasal muscles. Say goodbye to nasal deviations and hello to a balanced, harmonious nasal profile that truly reflects your inner beauty.

 Nasal Muscle Training with 10 Varied Frequencies


Liascy™ offers a complete workout regimen for your nasal muscles, effectively restoring their strength and toning. In just 10 minutes of Liascy™ usage, you can achieve results equivalent to 1 hour of facial yoga, all while having the convenience of using it anytime and anywhere you like.

Wide Frequency Range From 2Hz to 50Hz

Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device is designed with a wide spectrum of frequencies that operate between 2Hz and 50Hz. This range of frequencies provides a versatile and adaptable approach to strengthen your nasal musclesIt offers customization, precision, and adaptability, making it an effective solution for individuals looking to improve the appearance of their nose without invasive procedures.

Nose Reshaping with Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device

"In just a short time using it daily, I've seen significant improvements in the shape and tone of my nose. The 10 different frequencies make it so efficient, and it's incredibly easy to use. Highly recommended!" - Carrie Lopez,Dallas, Texas

"I was skeptical at first, but after using Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device, I'm a believer. I've noticed a significant change in the shape and firmness of my nose. It's a game-changer for sure! The second image I took after 5 days of use!" - Theresa Reeves, New York, New York City

Why Choose Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device?

Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device innovates nasal muscle conditioning through EMS tech. Featuring 10 frequencies (2Hz to 50Hz), the device ensures a comfy and secure fit, so you can direct your attention towards its efficient and effective muscle conditioning outcomes. Backed by research from over 100 people, enjoy the results of a 10-minute daily session of self-care. Experience a visibly healthier, harmonious nasal appearance with Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device.

This is why Liascy™ NosTech Muscles Device  is special

  • Innovative EMS technology for nasal muscle training.
  • Utilizes a combination of 10 different frequencies for efficient conditioning.
  • Designed for a comfortable and user-friendly fit on the nose.
  • Supported by evidence from analyzing data from over 100 individuals.
  • Provides quick and visible results, enhancing nose shape and firmness.
  • Only requires 10 minutes a day for noticeable improvements in nasal aesthetics.

Use from Level 1 to start, please raise the level when you get used to it.

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