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Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream

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Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream

One of our customers conducted a test on our cream by applying it on only one side of her bum, and the results were incredible!"

"I'm struggling with my sagging bum for a long while. My dermatologist suggest me to give a try on Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream, so I decided to test it a try by only applying it on my right side bum and not applying on the left side. After just 3 weeks of using it, I was amazed by the visible difference between the two sides. The right side of my bum was noticeably firmer and smoother, while the left side remained saggy and untoned. I couldn't believe how well this cream worked in just a short amount of time. I'm excited to continue using it and see even more impressive results!"

Charlotte Brown
Ealing, United Kingdom

Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and visibly firm the look of skin around the booty and thighs for continuously apply this cream for 8 weeks!

"As a 45-year-old who spends most of my day sitting at the office and at home, I was struggling with the sagging and darkening of my buttocks. I was hesitant to try any product that claimed to lift and brighten my skin, but after using Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream consistently for 2 months, I am amazed at the results. My skin looks visibly brighter and firmer, and I feel confident and comfortable in my clothes again. The cream's unique blend of active ingredients, including caffeine and red algae extract, has truly transformed my skin. I highly recommend Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream to anyone who is looking for an effective solution to sagging and darkening skin. It is lightweight and easy to blend into skin."

Isabella Clarke
New York, United States

"I’ve had this on my list for a while and finally decided to try it. Been using for about 8 weeks and have definitely seen a difference. My problem area is upper thigh right under my butt where I have visible cellulite. Since using this I have noticed it is far less visible. It is non-greasy and quickly to absorb! I put it on in the morning and at least 2 hrs before bed so it doesn’t bother me while I sleep. The heat last for about 2 hrs then goes away. It's really help lifting and brightening my butt! I continue to see results I’ll probably buy another bottle! Thanks to Blusoms! I got younger skin again!"

Emily Smith
Seattle, United States

What is the special of Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream?

✅ 10X Powerful Lifting & Brightening
✅ Visually improve and smoothen skin
✅ Regenerate skin cells production
✅ Brightening and whitening the darken area in the lower part body

Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream is a powerful and effective cream that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, lift & whitening the skin around the butt and thighs. This cream contains a unique blend of natural ingredients, including caffeine, ginger root extract, and hyaluronic acid, that work together to improve the texture and tone of your skin. With consistent use for 8 weeks, you can achieve a smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking butt and thighs.

Consist of 2 Key Ingredients For Anti-Cellulite:

1. Adipoless
2. Volufiline
✔️ Contouring the buttocks: Adipoless works by targeting the adipocytes (fat cells) in the body, particularly those that accumulate in the buttocks region. It inhibits the process of lipogenesis (fat creation) and promotes lipolysis (fat breakdown), which results in a reduction of fat in the buttocks area.

✔️Enhancing skin elasticity: Powerful antioxidants and nutrients that help improve skin health. It helps increase collagen and elastin production, two proteins responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. As a result, the skin becomes more toned, tight, and lifted.

✔️Bum whitening & hyperpigmentation: As Volufiline promotes skin elasticity and firmness, it can also support the natural regeneration process of skin cells. This process helps replace damaged cells that cause hyperpigmentation with new, healthier cells, gradually reducing the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.

✔️Reducing cellulite: Adipoless can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite, which is a common concern for many people. By promoting fat breakdown and improving skin elasticity, it helps smooth out the skin's surface, making the buttocks look more lifted and toned.

Let's See How Amanda Completely Gets Rid Of Her Stubborn Cellulite In Only 8 Weeks:

Hazel got engaged to her longtime boyfriend in 2021, she lost weight in a short period and she was suffered by the loose skin problem, made picking out a wedding dress somewhat of a disheartening process. She was searching and trying on body cream/ lotion /oil that help restore and refresh her belly, and she found BLUSOMS™ eventually.

"After one week of using Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream, I've started to notice some subtle improvements in the appearance of my buttocks. The cream has a pleasant scent and absorbs easily into the skin. My skin feels well-hydrated and smoother, although the sagging problem hasn't improved significantly yet. I'm hopeful that with continued use, the results will become more noticeable."

"I have now been using Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream for 4 weeks, and I'm happy to report that the sagging issue in my buttocks has shown a noticeable improvement. The cream has made my skin feel firmer and more toned, giving my buttocks a slightly more lifted appearance. I'm eager to see how my results will progress over the next few weeks."

 "My booty looks voluptuous now! After 8 weeks of consistent use of Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream, I am genuinely impressed with the results. The sagging problem that I initially experienced has significantly diminished, and my buttocks now appear more lifted and brightening. The cream has not only improved the firmness and elasticity of my skin but has also helped reduce the appearance of cellulite. I'm thrilled with the transformation and would highly recommend Blusoms™ LIFTLumina Cream to anyone facing similar issues. Remember to apply the cream every night for the best results!

Amanda Jones
Melbourne, Australia

Adipoless, Volufiline, Aqua, Grape Seed Oil, Patented Glucose Complex, Vitamin C,Mangosteen, Algae & Quince

How To Use:

  • Apply a generous layer to the visible cellulite on your booty and thighs.
  • Massage into the skin in circular motions until fully absorbed.
  • Use twice a day for best results.

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