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Liascy™ Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream

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Liascy™ Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream

That's what's missing in your smoothing routine.
Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, priming with a good Liascy™ Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream before using your blow dryer or flat iron is a crucial factor in achieving smooth, straight hair.

It is a unique technology for straightening curls with a long-lasting effect and an innovative process for all hair types. Deep restoration at the molecular level and smoothing of the hair without damaging its structure.

See the results of our happy customers
THE REVIEW : "I have very thick, wavy type 2b/2c hair that is dry and frizzy. I have tried many different products for years - all of them had significant disadvantages such as: . not controlling the frizz, drying my hair out further, or weighing my hair down too much. Liascy gave me instantly soft, frizz-free hair that's bouncy and smooth at the same time."

THE REVIEW : "I've been using this product since at least Christmas 2020! It's the best product ever - my hair can be curly or straight and this cream is saving my sanity! Please never stop!"

THE REVIEW : "This stuff is liquid gold. It definitely cuts down on the time it takes me to blow dry my hair. But the real plus is that it makes my thick hair smooth and silky after I straighten it with the flat iron."

Instantly use Liascy™ Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream to get smooth, straight hair
A hair-smoothing, frizzy mask that moisturizes and reduces volume in thick, curly and unruly hair. Nourishes, detangles, hydrates and revitalizes dull and dry hair, improving its manageability and elasticity and giving it a beautiful shine.

The hair becomes silky smooth within a few minutes by combing.
1. Smooths and reduces hair shaving and bifurcation, makes hair naturally straight
2. Nourishes hair, replenishes hair's nutritional needs and protects against hot dyeing and hair loss.
3.Softens hair, keeping it soft and smooth.
4) Softness and shine bring natural, soft, shiny and smooth hair.

WHY Liascy™ Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream?
Using the best ingredients from around the world, Liascy™ Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens, repairs and restores any hair type!

Softening and styling 2-in-1 cuticle care The softening factor makes the hair slightly supple.

Protects the cuticles and gives the hair strands a beautiful vertical effect.
Rich in softening factor Easily soften and shape.

# French Eve Vegan certified
# Keratin Protein
# Eco Ceramide Shea Butter
# Allergen-free Perfuming
# Hypoallergenic tested

✔ Vegan formula
✔ Contains 5 naturally derived oils
✔ Absorbs quickly
✔ Boosts shine
✔ Fights frizz

keratin protein

Keratin is a protein that makes up 90% of hair.
It is an important structural protein that protects hair from damage.
The keratin hair treatment smoothes damaged hair follicles and repairs split ends, leaving you with beautiful, silky locks.

Ecocerimide Shea Butter

Natural Fermented Ceramide, Eco Ceramide Shea Butter
Produced by fermentation, with no ingredients harmful to the skin. It helps to accelerate the regeneration of the skin barrier.
Ecocert certification, which is an integrated organic and natural certification
With patented ingredients that are friendlier to the scalp

5 natural oils have been specially selected
Argan Kernel Oil
Hair For straight and shiny hair
Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
Nourishes hair and scalp
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Locks in moisture

Sweet Almond Oil
Combats dandruff and improves hair health
Jojoba Seed Oil
Repairs dull and damaged hair

Product Details: 60ml Liascy™ Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream

Ingredients: Keratin Protein, Ecocerimide Shea Butter, 5 Natural Oils, Glycerin

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