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GoGrass Instant Green Renew Spray

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GoGrass Instant Green Renew Spray

🌟 Give your lawn a new look 🌟

💚“Instant Green” technology – just one spray! 💚

Quick transformation

Easy and quick solution to restore a lush, green look to your lawn, hedges and shrubs


Experience peace of mind with our eco-friendly formulas, designed to be safe for children and pets. We prioritize both your health and the well-being of the planet.


Experience the durability and resilience of GoGrass Instant Green Renew Spray, perfect for year-round use! Keep your lawn green and safe from dryness and sun exposure with ease. 🌿😎


Elevate your lawn to its full potential with GGoGrass Instant Green Renew Spray. This high-quality product will bring out the brightest and lushest green in your yard, giving it the vibrant look it deserves. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless lawns and hello to a revitalized and healthy outdoor space.

Quick application

Forget complicated lawn care procedures, one spray and you’re done.

Say bye to brown spots from pets and dying leaves

Effectively conceal unsightly brown spots on your lawn, resulting from pet urine and damaged foliage on shrubs or hedges. Instantly camouflage the affected areas while still promoting the growth of existing foliage. Safe for plants and grass, and resistant to rain and irrigation.

Perfect for all grass type

Buffalo, bermuda, centipede, bahia, you name it. Our green grass lawn dye has been proven to work for all grass types with amazing results.

🏡 A flawless yard that will make your neighbours envious.🌱

⏰ Saves time and money  ⏰ 

Let’s see what our customers are saying!

“Easy to use and environmentally friendly, totally exceeded my expectations! My yard is now the envy of my neighbors” – Bertha Peterson

“Since using this spray, my garden has come alive and my neighbors have been coming up to me asking for the secret!” – Nathan Hodges


Package Includes: 1 x GoGrass Instant Green Renew Spray
Storage Location: 
Cool and dry place
Product Range:
  Cover 100-150 feet of lawn without the hassle of mixing with water before use.

100% Satisfaction

We will do everything to make sure you enjoy and love our products

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide and provide detail tracking

24/7 Support

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