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Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat

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Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat

Winter is coming,  are you worried about slipping on ice and snow?

Slipping can be more dangerous than you think. Falling on ice and snow can result in particularly severe injuries. Compared to other kinds of slip and fall accidents, when an unsuspecting person slips on a patch of ice or loses footing on snow-covered ice, they fall faster and hit the ground harder. But worry no more, because the Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat is here to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.

Your Ultimate Solution for Slip-Free Winters!

Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat is designed to be safe for all ages and shoe types. Whether you're heading out for a winter stroll, stepping out for errands, or sending your kids off to school, this mat is your reliable winter companion. This mat generates a controlled amount of static electricity. This electrostatic charge interacts with the soles of your shoes, creating a secure grip that significantly reduces the chances of slipping on icy and snow-covered surfaces. 

Let's take a moment to hear directly from our valued customers

"As a parent, my utmost concern is always my kids' safety - especially during winter when icy paths can be hazardous. One snowy day, I watched my neighbor pass by in her high heels with no fear of slipping. I had to ask her secret, and she suggested this Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat! So I got it, and now my little ones can go outside without worry. It's like having an invisible cushion beneath them! Because of this amazing mat, we've had peaceful strolls and a lot of enjoyable play in the snow - all due to this simple, genius solution. It's truly a winter essential!" 

Agnes Reynolds, 35
Syracuse, New York

"My dad was crushed after he slipped and fell one winter. He was always worried when the snow started coming down since he couldn't find a reliable and easy anti-slip solution. That's when I discovered the Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat - it was simple to utilize and provided him with the reassurance he required to venture outside. I'm very pleased to see his face light up in winter. ☺️ We're so thankful to have a safe winter season now! Cheers to Anti-Slip!" 

Danielle Sims, 38
Park City, Utah

How Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat works?

Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat is ingeniously crafted from Static polyethylene, a remarkable material that possesses the unique ability to create and control static electricity. 

When you step onto the mat, the static electricity generated by the mat is effectively transferred to the soles of your shoes. It creates a secure grip between your shoes and the mat, significantly reducing the chances of slipping, even on slippery and icy surfaces.

Main Feature

  • Creating a Secure Grip: The static charge generated by the mat is transferred to the soles of your shoes, effectively "gluing" your shoes to the mat's surface. This interaction creates a secure grip that greatly reduces the chances of slipping, even on slippery and icy surfaces.

  • Wide Usage: Ideal for winter tasks like shoveling snow, treading on slippery pavement, or taking part in outdoor physical activities. This mat can be used every day to help keep your home safe. Stay upright whatever the weather, whether it's winter, hiking, sports, or just in your day-to-day activities, and know that this mat won't let you slip up.

  • Simplicity and Effectiveness: Simply step on the mat for 4 seconds, and it generates a powerful static charge that envelops your shoes, providing up to 24 hours of reliable slip resistance. No need for complicated setups or additional equipment. Just place it where you need it most, and let it do the rest.

  • Universal Safety:  Safety for various types of shoes. No matter what footwear you choose to wear, this mat has got you covered. You can confidently step out in your preferred shoes, whether it's boots, sneakers, or anything else. Enjoy the season without the fear of slipping!

  • Easy Clean and Maintain:  With its easy-to-clean design, this mat ensures a hassle-free experience. When it accumulates dirt or debris, a simple shake or quick brush-off is all it takes to keep it in top condition. You won't have to spend hours scrubbing or washing.
Benefits for Anti-Slip Electrostatic MagMat
  • Winter Safety 
  • Simplicity and Effectiveness
  • Safe for All Ages
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Universal Compatibility


Size: 40 x 60 cm 

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